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"Still Moody".


.....has been the World's most expensive shelf for the past 14 years and is now for sale.


Based on a US 1956  Oval, it

features a Ron Lummus chassis with a funny cage around the driver ( modified last year to current tech specs)

Ladder bars

Wheelie bars

Dave Folts T2 trans with narrow rear end.

Narrowed & lowered front  king pin beam.

Spindle -mounted front Douglas wheels with front runner tyres.

Convo rear wheels with Mickey Thompson slicks.

Autometer range of guages.

 It needs an engine, flip front ( female mould of the Frameworks flip front included), a rear spoiler, battery, fuel & a wash.

Used for only 4 meets in 1994 and ran a 9.48 at 142 mph.


Offers please.